CBD Rosin: What It’s All About and How to Make It at Home

The 2018 Farm Bill changed the cannabis industry for the better, allowing manufacturers to delve deeper into research and discover new ways of using the cannabis plant. Naturally, all the positive changes have given rise to innovation, with new products and variations popping up left and right. One of them, CBD rosin, stands out as a safer alternative to chemical-derived concentrates. Today, we’ll learn more about it and how to make it in the comfort of our own homes.

What Is CBD Rosin?

When it comes to commercial CBD concentrates, it’s tough for many users to find those that are actually safe to use. Although most of them aren’t likely to put them in harm’s way, we cannot simply ignore the fact that they are extracted using chemicals, specifically hydrocarbons.

The two main hydrocarbons used for these extractions are butane and propane, which act as solvents and strip the desired material, or compounds, such as CBD, from the plant. The problem? They are potentially harmful and require the utilization of other processes to remove any residue left in the final product.

So what is CBD rosin then? To put it simply, it is a concentrated compound extracted from hemp with pressure and heat only, no solvents necessary. It is resinous sap squeezed out of dried and cured parts of the plant, most commonly flowers. We can also use kief, hash, or shake, which are less expensive and would make the whole process a bit more cost-effective.

Appearance-wise, CBD rosin looks very much like shatter and is translucent and sappy. However, it doesn’t contain any solvents, which makes it pure and clean, not to mention a potent and flavorful concentrate. 

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Why Is It So Popular?

Of course, the main reason CBD rosin is so popular is that it doesn’t contain any solvents. But other than that, users actually like how simple the whole process of hemp pressing is and the fact they can easily do it by themselves at home.

When using dangerous solvents, there’s always a risk of explosions and fires due to improper handling or lack of experience. Moreover, some forms of extraction require expertise that goes beyond anything a regular CBD user has.

As far as the process and tools go, CBD rosin is easy to make at home because it doesn’t require much equipment at all. A quality press is recommended, some parchment paper, and a collecting tool. Since the process doesn’t need a huge prior investment, users should also try to get the best-quality hemp material they can find. It makes a huge difference in the end!

How to Make CBD Rosin Yourself

Before trying to make CBD rosin, it’s best to get familiar with the whole process. Fortunately, it’s rather simple overall — the only potential hiccup may be the type of press we’re using. Thus, it’s a good idea to read the instructions thoroughly beforehand and then go through the following steps:

  1. Prepare the material. It’s always good to invest in quality flowers or other hemp material, as the end result will be more potent, flavorful, and worthy of all that effort. Once we have the material, we can either place it between two pieces of rosin (parchment) paper or collect it into a filter bag. In the latter case, we’d then place the bag between the sheets of paper.
  2. Use the press to squeeze out the translucent compound. To get the best results, we should use the correct temperature and pressure, as indicated in the press instructions. 
  3. Scrape the rosin off the paper. The compound will be sticky and gooey, so we have to use a scraper to get it off the paper and into a container of our choice. It’s best not to use anything too sharp, though, as it might tear the paper.

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DIY Methods and Safety Precautions

Surprisingly enough, we can make rosin at home even if we don’t have a quality press on hand. This method entails using a hair straightener and squeezing the material until the sappy compound comes out. 

A lower heat setting works best for this method (280–330°F), as the terpenes would otherwise evaporate. We only have to squeeze for about three to seven seconds to hear the extraction, or rather, the sizzle.

The next step is the same as when using a press — we ought to scrape the compound off the paper. Still, despite how ingenious the method is, remember to stay safe and use heat-resistant gloves. 

Also, keep in mind that high-quality rosin would require a press. The pressure may vary each time since we’re the ones doing all the squeezing, which may affect the quality. Thus, it’s evident that the hair straightener can only get us so far. It’s best left to beginners and those who aren’t sure they like rosin at all!

Final Thoughts

CBD has become famous for its potential health benefits and the lack of the “high” THC is notorious for. However, we ought to aspire to ingest only the purest forms of it to reap all the benefits. CBD rosin is a viable solution in that case, as the concentrate doesn’t entail the use of solvents or other chemicals. Best of all, we can even make it at home in just a few easy steps!

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