Chat Room Policies

WAPD Chat Room Policies

(A) Profanity / foul language, sexual conversations and flooding are PROHIBITED. WAPD Ambassadors maintain this room as “Family Friendly Chat” and will, very strictly, enforce this policy.

(B)For your Safety…PLEASEDO NOT give your address, telephone, or e-mail to persons in the chat room

(C) ALL.. LANGUAGES may be spoken in these chat rooms….PLEASE respect others and their language choices

All are Welcome


The Famous WAPD Chat Rooms

 Meet nice folks from all over the world

Call: 405-672-0361 and listen to the WAPD Advocacy

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WAPD Ambassadors know who, after repeated warnings, is BANNED for very bad behavior and will take action to see that these folks do not disrupt your visit to these chat-rooms.

WAPD Forum Chat Room
 In Memory of: “Arnold” [ 1949-2002 ]
(open chat)

WAPD Student Lounge
 In Memory of: Bunny and 106 [John]
(Youth ages 7-21 chat)
WAPD Reserved Chat Room
(special events chat)


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