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Assistive Technology for people with a disability who find operating a computer difficult, maybe even impossible. This web site will direct you to adaptive equipment and alternative methods available for accessing computers. WAPD rating: EXCELLENT

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Assistive Media
The first on-line audio solution designed
for persons with reading access barriers


WAPD is assembling terrific assistive technology devices that will be on these pages very shortly. Our research crew has been deliberately slow to find some of the best available products on the market for our membership. Quality, Pricing and User friendly operation are some of the many things that our folks have been analyzing to present the “best of the best” to our membership. [Watch this page!]

Thanks to the Internet, finding out about the new developments in assistive technology is much easier than ever. There are other sources to turn to as well. Here is a brief listing of books, newsletters, and centers that can provide up-to-date information on assistive technology, plus several vendors who offer assistive products.


Adapting PCs for Disabilities, by Joseph J. Lazzaro. Addison-Wesley (1996).
ISBN: 0-201-48354-8.

Assistive Technologies: Principles and Practice, by Albert M. Cook and
Susan M. Hussey. Mosby (1995). ISBN: 0-8036-1038-9.

Assistive Technology: A Resource for School, Work, and Community, by Karen F. Flippo, Katherine J Inge, and Michael Barcus. Brookes (1995). ISBN: 1-55766-189-8.

Computer Resources for People with Disabilities, by the Alliance for Technology
Access in Alameda, CA. Hunter House (1994). ISBN: 0-89793-112-2.

The Guide to Augmentative & Alternative Communication Devices, by the
Applied Science and Engineering Laboratories (1996).

Trace Resource Book: Assistive Technologies for Communication, Control, and
Computer Access, by the Trace Research and Development Center.
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI. (608-262-6966.)


Information Technology and Disabilities. Founded by the Equal Access to Software and Information Group, this journal covers the practical and theoretical issues that surround the development and use of new, so-called assistive technologies.

TeamRehab Report. An award-winning, monthly magazine that covers news and information about the specialized field of assistive technology.

Closing the Gap. A newsletter on microcomputer technology for people with special needs.

Technicable. A newsletter from Partnerships in Assistive Technology,
P.O. Box 17662, Raleigh, NC 27619-7662.


Assis-Tech Inc. 508-544-5619. Offers the latest assistive products to those with visual, hearing, physical, and learning impairments.

AZTech: A to Z Assistive Technology. Suny at Buffalo, 716-829-3141. A not-for-profit service that helps assistive technology inventors and developers bring products to the marketplace.

Disability Connection from Apple Computer: provides the latest information about Macintosh-based assistive technologies.